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There is great tradition at Lakeland High School with its students achieving great accomplishments on the field, as well as in the classroom.  District titles, State Championships, and National Championships merely match what our student/athletes are accomplishing in the classroom.  Their success on and off the field enables them to continue their play at the collegiate level.  This page will link you to all of LHS’s sports.  Thank you for visiting our Athletics page where the Dreadnaught’s are Second to None – Nulli-Secundus!

Sports Available at Lakeland Senior
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   Varsity Boys Baseball         Varsity Boys Basketball  
  JV Boys Baseball               Varsity Girls Basketball
                                                   JV Boys Basketball      
                                             JV Girls Basketball

          Not Available               Varsity Girls Cheerleading
                                           JV Girls Cheerleading

     Varsity Coed Competitive Cheer

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Lakeland High School is
proud to be a part of a
football program that has brought national recognition to our school and community with six state championships and twice being selected National Champions by Sports Illustrated and USA TODAY.

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2012 Dreadnaught FOOTBALL SCHEDULE


August 24   Lake Gibson
August 31 St Cloud Bulldogs
September 7 Tenoroc Titans
September 14  Flanagan Falcons
September 21 Haines City Hornets
September 28 Bartow Yellow Jackets
October 5 Lake Region Thunder
October 12 Hialeah Thoroughbreds
October 19 George Jenkins Eagles
November 2  Ridge Community Bolts
November 9 Kathleen Red Devils

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Softball Results: Thursday, April 12th
All Saints Academy 6, Lakeland 0

All Saints 201 110 1 — 6 11 0
Lakeland 000 000 0 — 0 5 6

WP: Garay (15-2) LP: Thomas.
Highlights: Lissette Garay picked up the win with 11 strikeouts and five hits allowed. Julie McHaffie was 3-for-4, a double and two RBIs. Garay and Britteny Searfoss each went 2-for-4 to lead the Lady Saints'. Summer Thomas was 3-for-3 for the Lady 'Naughts. Records: All Saints Academy 18-2; Lakeland N/A.

 Varsity Boys               Varsity Boys 
Varsity Girls                 JV Boys

Varsity Boys              Varsity Boys
Varsity Girls              Varsity Girls 
                                  JV Boys   
                               JV Girls 

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       Varsity Girls                Varsity Boys
          JV Girls                    VarsityGirls

   Varsity Boys Tennis       Varsity Boys Track
   Varsity Girls Tennis        Varsity Girls Track 

   Varsity Girls               Varsity Boys
JV Girls                               

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David Mangrum, teacher, works on his grades on Friday, March 9. Mangrum is also a coach. This year, Lakeland High School not only added a new coach, but also a new teacher to the classroom.
David Mangrum joined the Social Studies department as both an American and World History teacher and joined the football team as a coach for the defensive backs (DBs). Mangrum was born in Nebraska and raised in North Carolina, California and Florida. After graduating high school in 1996, he went on to the University of Central Florida, where he majored in History. Other than teaching and coaching he enjoys, “watching football, going to the movies, and hanging out with friends.” Mangrum is a first-year teacher at LHS and has only been teaching for two years cumulatively. Mangrum said, “It is a great school. My co-workers and administration are very helpful.” Mangrum left his job as a teacher at West Orange High in Winter Garden seeking “an opportunity.” Teaching was not always Mangrum’s first choice though.

At first, Mangrum wanted to join the military. After deciding not to, he pursued his second option, teaching. In Mangrum’s short two-year experience, he said he enjoys, “seeing the growth of students” and is yet to find something he dislikes about his profession. Mangrum’s students agree that Mangrum has helped them grow as students. “Coach is laid back and a pretty cool teacher,” said Robert Campos, sophomore. Junior, David Caldwell, added, “Coach is a good teacher; he’s funny and he’s cool.” Football has always been a passion for Mangrum. He played football all through high school and then went on to become a coach, first at the high school level. He has coached at the high school level for eight years. Photo by Kiara Aquino.

  New Member of the Lakeland Derby Dames
By Madison Schliercher LHS Student

Some people have always wanted to play the guitar, or learn how to fly a plane, but for me, I wanted to play roller derby. Started in the 1940s, women’s roller derby, gained popularity in the 1970s; today the sport is played by thousands of women all over the country; with talk of the sport being added to the Olympics in the year 2020. With its growing popularity, few know that there is a team stationed right here in Lakeland.

With a minimum age requirement of 18, and no skating skills needed, I set out to be the impossible; join The Lakeland Derby Dames. The team is owned and operated by its players, boasts more than 20 skaters on its roster. I joined the team in early January, a little intimated by the confident women, but as I watched the Dames skate with each other, and how much they worked as a team, I knew it was right for me. They helped me with every step of the way, from picking out the right knee pads to adjusting my skates. When it came time to put wheel to track, many of the senior members on the team were actively involved in my training, even assigning a “derby sister” who acts as your personal guild. When I began to pick up speed, the feeling of empowerment and community grew, I enjoyed the tactics of the game, quickly becoming vocal during plays.

In a short amount of time I learned the rules of play, and you can too. Roller derby is played with four blockers
from each team, who travel in a pack; the jammers
(point scorers) try to get through the pack. The blockers
on each team try to hold back the jammers from the opposing team. In order to score points the jammer
must make it through the pack earning points for
passing the number of opposing blockers and an
extra point for passing the other jammer. If you want to
join a team of woman in a high energy, high speed sport; from students to nurses, soccer moms to lawyers, you
can find a home at Lakeland Derby Dames.

The Derby Dames are having a recruitment night Monday April 16th from 8pm to 10pm at their home base located at Sun ‘n Fun Hanger E, where they will be showcasing their skills and answering any questions on gear, rules, and requirements.

For more information, questions or concerns visit the teams Facebook page or website.

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