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    Cycling - Polk County

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Bent’s Cycling and Fitness has been Lakeland’s premier provider of all your cycling needs for 49 years.  We proudly offer pro-level Road and Mountain bicycles… as well as afordable cruisers for a more leisurely ride.  An expansive bicycle selection, in stock, from the most recognized and trusted names in the industry.  We also feature an incredible array of parts, apparel and accessories; all designed to make your next ride more secure and enjoyable. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff will help find the
perfect bike that suits each rider.  Bicycles are meticulously assembled, tuned, double-checked and test-ridden.  We personally adjust the fit to you individually, for your comfort and satisfaction.  Free Service is provided during the break-in period. 

The term "bicycle" was not
introduced until the 1860s,

when it was coined in France to describe a new kind of two
-wheeler with a mechanical

Sunday Morning Breakfast Ride

Description: This is a ride for miles
beginning at 8am. Leaves from Starbucks
at Lakeside Village. Difficulty:

*For more information, visit

Tuesday Night Ride
Description: Warm-up leaves from Bent's
Cycling and Fitness at 5:30 pm. Ride starts
at 6:00 pm at the corner of Swindell and
County Line Road. Average 24-27 mph
Sprints in upper 30s and lower 40s.
Approximately 40 miles in distance.
Difficulty: Very Difficult

*The more daylight the longer the ride

Wacky Wednesdays
Description: Meets at Loyce Harpe Park
in Mulberry. Leaves from the Trail head and
the trail is ridden backwards. Starts at 6:00
pm and lights are used as necessary.
Difficulty: Average

Saturday Morning Ride

Description: Leaves from Southgate
Publix every Saturday, rain or shine. Average
24 mph. Approximately 40 miles in distance. Difficulty: Moderately Fast Pace 

Saturday Bartow Ride

Description:Bartow 127 mile ride this
Saturday leaves the Bartow Civic center at
7:00. An easy 20-21 mph pace. No fees but
bring money for store stops. Difficulty:

*For more information, click here

Knee injuries are very common during cycling; especially if an athlete is not taking the precautions he or she needs to before riding. Knee injuries can cause an athlete to experience pain or discomfort, can hinder athletic ability, and can lead to joint problems later in life. Here are three ways that an athlete can prevent some of the most common knee injuries that occur during cycling.One of the easy ways is to heels of her feet to pedal will experience more knee pain, especially if he or she is an avid cyclist. The ligaments in the knee are susceptible to serious strain when an athlete uses his or her heel to pedal, which can lead to ligament tears if the pressure is too great. If an athlete is not sure of what the right foot position is during cycling, he or she should seek the advice of a personal trainer or professional cyclist, in order to help him or her improve technique.

Before 1869, bicycle "tires"
were largely made of iron.

About 100 million bicycles
are manufactured worldwide
each year.

The highest speed ever
achieved on a bicycle
was 167.043 miles per hour.

Lance Armstrong holds the
record for the most Tour
de France wins at seven.
They were in consecutive
years from 1999 through 2005.

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LeRoy's Bikeworks strives to be the premier destination for all cycling needs by: Enriching, exciting, expanding, and educating the cycling community. Providing motivation to any level of cycling enthusiast. Offering friendly, quality, and dependable service in a convenient location,
where enthusiasts will be able to gather,
exchange experiences and witness the latest
and best in the world of cycling.


General James A. Van Fleet Trail
     Ridden and
Rails to Trails.
     29.2 miles. Trail heads every
ten miles. Water and restrooms at Green Pond and Mabel. Trailheads only.

    UPDATE by soflakettwiesel
    At the Polk City trailhead, restrooms are located about 1/8 SE
at the playground. Riding past the paved parking spots you will see the white building. Water fountain  
    located at the East side, right at
the start of the trail.

     Auburndale-TECO Trail
     5 miles currently, but will be lengthened to 6 miles in
     the city of Auburndale.
     Full facilities at Lake Myrtle Road Trailhead. From I-4, go south on Polk Parkway to Lake Myrtle
     Road.  Turn left (east) and look for Trailhead.

     The Fort Fraser Trail is a 12-foot-wide, 7 3/4 miles long paved trail devoted to Polk County residents who enjoy walking, jogging, and bicycling. It is constructed along the abandoned CSX railroad line running parallel to U.S. 98 between State Road 540 (Winter Lake Road) in Lakeland and just south of State Road 60 in Bartow. There are two trailheads; one is located at the PCC/USF campus behind the Polk County Sheriff’s Office Substation. The other is located in Highland City; it has restroom facilities and picnic pavilions (soflakettwiesel)

Natural Surface (Dirt)

Green Swamp – East
SWFWMD 71 miles unpaved service roads no water, no restrooms no shade

Carter Road Park Trail
(Loyce Harpe Park)
Developed and maintained by
Ridge Riders Mountain Bike Association
8 miles, built on old phosphate mine.
County park, full facilities.

Circle B Bar Reserve
Numerous trails and roads available throughout the property. Florida law requires bicyclists and equestrians under 16 to wear helmets.


Increase Distance Gradually
An athlete should also make sure that he or she increases his or her distance gradually, which can help him or her reduce knee injuries. If an athlete begins cycling 10 miles right off the bat, then he or she is not giving his or her legs and knees proper time to adjust, which can cause overuse injuries. An athlete never wants to start off with a very intense cycling session either, since this can cause a lot of stress on the joints and muscles surrounding the knee, and could cause the ligaments to tear. It is very important that an athlete increase his or her cycling by 10 minutes each day at the most, which can help the knee joints and muscles become more flexible over time.

The primary purpose of the Police Unity Tour is to raise awareness of Law Enforcement Officers who have died in the line of duty.
The secondary purpose is to raise funds for the National Law Enforcement Officer’s Memorial and Museum. This May we had nearly 1600 members nationwide who made the trip, and we are proud to announce that we were able to donate over $1,65 to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund, bringing our total donations to nearly 12 Million Dollars.

Move the Seat Higher

Patellar tendonitis is one of the most
common knee injuries that an athlete could experience during cycling, and this is caused
by too low of a seat. When an athlete sits on a
cycle, his or her back should be straight, with
the hands comfortably resting on the
handlebars, and the feet should be flat on
the pedals. If an athlete is too low to the
ground, his or her legs will become crunched between the pedals and the handlebars,
which can put significant pressure on the
knees. An athlete should make sure that his or
her seat is properly adjusted so that there
is about a 30 degree angle at the knee area.
An athlete should have this angle while the
feet are on the pedals, and the pedals should
be resting parallel to the ground.


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